About Us

Building a Refilling Ecosystem

iRefill is building a circular platform that allow everyone to buy their favourite products in reusable containers, and without having to pay more.

iRefill aim to help companies, governments and individuals to reduce their plastic impact and carbon foot print.

At iRefill with the help of technology we are converting traditional product flow (Linear Economy) to circular economy, while creating value for all stakeholder in between. With this we have already created our system 80% circular.

How Refilling systems work’s :

When we reuse an object we save energy and resources, as the object only needs to be transported and cleaned before it can be cycled again.

Our goal is to reduce plastic pollution and make Earth a better and sustainable home once again for all form of life. Today, we produce about 400 million tonnes of plastic waste every year, out of which 79 % of the plastic made in the world enters our land, ocean and environment as waste and 42% of plastic is used only for packaging, our plan is to bring this number significantly lower in coming years.

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Tough challenges excite us. If it's true for you too then let's build something great together.

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